PopGroup 55 Local Meet Ups

PopGroup55 will take a distributed approach, running virtually from our Norwich base, but supporting attendees to arrange local meet-ups - keeping the community spirit of PopGroup alive.

As PopGroup is very much organised by the community, for the community, we don’t want to be too prescriptive with how local meet-ups should work. 

As attendees you should feel able to decide how you would like to deliver and participate in local meet-ups. We are aware that the local meet-ups will be of different sizes and won’t look the same in each location. 

Here are some ideas to get you started:

If you are part of a research group attending PopGroup, you could join online from your office or small meeting room to watch the talks together on a laptop or screen. And join in the conversation online via Twitter (@popgroup / #pgg55) letting us know where and how you're celebrating PopGroup.

It's worth noting that we will have three parallel sessions for short talks, so if you join from one room you will need to choose which to follow, or bring your own headphones and laptops. 

If you are part of a larger group of colleagues at a University of Institute, you could arrange to gather in a larger meeting room to watch the talks on a larger screen (or three rooms to allow choice of session to participants), making it feel like a mini-conference.

Colleagues from Institutes based in the same or nearby cities could gather in one location, again booking meeting room(s) with large screens to watch talks in groups. This way you can chat through the presentations with nearby peers.

No matter how big or small your meet-up is, you could take breaks and lunches together to discuss the science and browse the Twitter Flash Presentations

Of course PopGroup is not PopGroup without an evening social, we suggest possibly holding yours after the Quiz on Thursday 6 January. 

Planned Local Meet Ups

We currently have confirmed local meet-ups in: Cambridge, Edinburgh, London (UCL), Norwich, Nottingham, Oxford, Sheffield (all UK), Liverpool, St Andrews and Aarhus (Denmark), and Plön (Germany).  

We will be supporting catering via a food delivery supplier, the value will depend on the number of attendees at the local meet-up. This can be spent when and as the local organisers and attendees prefer.

If you are interested in coordinating a local meet-up then please email training@earlham.ac.uk.

When you register for the event, you will also be asked a series of questions regarding local meet-ups and sharing your details with other people in your area. We will provide a list of names and email addresses to those who have agreed to organise a local meet-up near to them. 

Attendees are also more than welcome to attend and participate in PopGroup55 as an individual, and will be able to join the Zoom link from anywhere they wish to.