Instructions for our virtual conference


The platform Zoom will be used to deliver live presentations. Depending on the number of talks, there may be parallel sessions.

The deadline for abstract submission is Dec 7th - see our important dates page.

Please submit your abstract using the link found on the registration page

Posters (and social events)

We will use the platform for our interactive and social poster sessions, and to meet each other between talks.

All posters will stay up for the duration of the conference, but we will have dedicated poster sessions when presenters will be at their poster

Please upload your poster no later than Friday 1 January at 12:00 noon GMT, a link will be sent to you via email.
Check here for the time in your local time zone.

Tips for making a good virtual poster
  • Horizontal layout will fit in the space better than vertical layout.
  • Font size should be larger than it would be for a normal poster. Visitors will be able to zoom in on each poster image within the virtual room, but the zoom is limited. Once uploaded, the poster image can be easily resized, so absolute  font size does not matter, only font size relative to the poster  overall dimensions. To ensure good resolution, and for convenience, we recommend designing your poster at life-size dimensions and using correspondingly large fonts.
  • Save poster as a .PNG to be able to resize it without loosing resolution.
  • See our example poster

Get in touch with us using our contact page, via or follow us on twitter (@popgroup)

Poster session schedule

The poster session schedule will be released soon.

Is your poster ready?

Make sure it is saved as a PNG and make sure to name it as follows:

Please submit your poster with the link provided in your email.